Truffle hunting Florence

Are you looking for a Truffle hunting Florenze? On Florence Experience you will find some of the best Truffle hunting in Tuscany, as well as wine and oil tastings, cooking class truffle, outdoor activities and many more to fully experience the territory of Tuscany. The search for truffles is organized by some of the best professionals in Tuscany. The research area was specially selected for the particularity of the truffle plants, for its accessibility and for the breathtaking beauty of the landscapes. The period of the Marzuolo truffle runs from 10 January to 30 April, for the Scorzone truffle it goes from 1 June to 30 August and for the white truffle from 10 September to 31 December.

Truffle hunting near Florence (San Gimignano area) without round-trip trasportation

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Nestled amidst the scenic landscapes of Tuscany, Florence and its surroundings are treasured grounds for the elusive and coveted truffle. Through our website, you gain exclusive access to the most authentic truffle hunting expeditions, where you can step into the shoes of expert truffle hunters, accompanied by their trained dogs, as they unveil the secrets of this age-old tradition. Delve into the Tuscan woods and learn the art, techniques, and sheer thrill of discovering these gastronomic gems.

Every Truffle Hunting Florence excursion showcased on our platform has been meticulously curated, ensuring participants not only engage in a genuine truffle pursuit but also immerse themselves in the rich lore and traditions that have made truffle hunting a revered Tuscan activity. Following the hunt, many of our excursions also offer an opportunity to savor dishes infused with the freshly gathered truffles, truly celebrating Tuscany’s culinary prowess.

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